POD – Partner Opportunity Database

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Un’azienda polacca è alla ricerca di fornitori di frutta e verdura in scatola, congelata, secca e altro ancora. L’azienda è alla ricerca di produttori diretti che vorrebbero avviare partnership a lungo termine nell’ambito di un contratto di servizi di distribuzione.

POD reference BRSE20210511001

Swedish health food wholesaler looking for gummy supplement suppliers for a manufacturing agreement Sweden’s largest independent wholesaler supplies health food stores with products that are better for both people and planet. Currently the company is looking to expand its offer and seeks new EU manufacturers of gummy supplements. The company is interested in a finding a … Leggi tutto "POD reference BRSE20210511001"

POD reference TRSG20210121001

A Singapore MNE is seeking dry ingredients in a chocolate/fat-based filling system that can replace and has a similar mouthfeel to sugar, or ingredient technologies that can counteract such negative mouthfeel attributes. This is to meet a growing demand for lower fat and sugar products that do not compromise on mouthfeel, even with reduced fat … Leggi tutto "POD reference TRSG20210121001"

POD reference RDCH20190603001 Eurostars

R&D performing SMEs with expertise in medical device development and competence in microtechnology, optoelectronics, plastic injection, data collection and analysis and mobile applications sought. A Swiss university together with a Swiss start-up, is preparing a Eurostars proposal. The aim is to develop an innovative smart device for urine  measurements. The device could be used worldwide … Leggi tutto "POD reference RDCH20190603001 Eurostars"

Richieste e offerte di tecnologia, innovazione e ricerca da tutto il mondo: POD reference BRDE20170116001

A young German company selling products from its own brand via online  hops and e-commerce trading platforms is looking for manufacturing agreements with European manufacturers of small items for cooking, baking and household, as well as bathroom and household accessories.

Richieste e offerte di tecnologia, innovazione e ricerca da tutto il mondo: POD reference TOKR20160510001

Allinone patient vital sign monitoring gateway that can interoperate with medical sensor devices. A Korean SME specialized in telehealth offers a remote telehealth monitoring gateway. The company collects vital signs from the medical sensor devices and transfers the records. This technology provides allinone healthcare solution satisfying industrial standards solution of healthcare (e.g. IEEE 11073). The … Leggi tutto "Richieste e offerte di tecnologia, innovazione e ricerca da tutto il mondo: POD reference TOKR20160510001"

POD reference TRIN20150623001

Inertial sensors based health monitoring system An Indian company with experience in design and development of niche electronic systems. The products sold include unique MultiIMU (inertial measurement unit) based foot mounted pedestrian navigation devices for applications such as first responder safety systems, treatment of movement disorders, indoor mapping, autonomous robotics, assistive technologies, studying human behavior, … Leggi tutto "POD reference TRIN20150623001"

POD reference BRUK20160202001

A UK company engaged in the wholesale import and distribution of food and drinks is seeking producers of vegan energy balls from European companies seeking a UK agent or distributor. The produce must be free from artificial additives as well as industrial sugar. They are seeking commercial agency agreements and distribution services agreements with European food … Leggi tutto "POD reference BRUK20160202001"

POD reference BRRU20160131001

The Russian company, from the Ryazan region, produces and sells thermal kitchen equipment and is looking for partners in Italy that can offer restaurant equipment under a distribution services agreement.